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FIEL - Fairdeal Import Export Ltd Social Responsibility Statement

The standards contained in this statement applies to all facilities, either owned or contracted to FIEL.  FIEL respects the various cultures in which factories operate throughout the world. These standards are set forth as basic requirements which all facilities must meet in order to do business with FIEL. FIEL encourages all facilities to strive to exceed these standards through the implementation of best practices and continuous improvement initiatives.


Legal and Ethical Business Practices

FIEL and its contracted facilities will comply with all laws of the counties, regions, states, or municipalities in which they are located. This includes all laws, rules and regulations related to wages, hours, health, safety, immigration, the environment and the apparel industry. Employers and employees must be ethical in all business practices.


Child Labor and Forced Labor

No person will be employed who is younger than the age consistent with International Labor Organization Guidelines. FIEL and its contracted facilities will observe all legal requirements which apply to those employees who are under the age of 18. Neither FIEL nor its contracted facilities will use any form of involuntary or forced labour.


Wages and Benefits / Hours Worked

FIEL and its contracted facilities will provide each employee with a wage and benefit package which complies with legally mandated minimum standards or the local prevailing industry standard, whichever is higher.

All employees will be compensated for overtime according to local law. Each employee will be provided a clear, written accounting of each pay period.

FIEL and its contracted facilities will ensure that the number of hours employees work will not exceed the lesser of: 1) the local, legal limitations on regular and overtime pay or, 2) 60 hours per work week (except on a voluntary basis and under extraordinary business circumstances). Employees must be informed at the time of hire if mandatory overtime is a condition of employment. Each employee will be entitled to at least one day off in every seven day pay period.


Health and Safety

FIEL and its contracted facilities will provide each employee a clean, safe and healthy work environment. All facilities are expected to comply with all legally mandated standards for health and safety.


Informed Workplace

FIEL and its contracted facilities should develop a standard communication practice with employees. This practice should include as a minimum: posting of standards and other policies in prominent places throughout the facility. Facility management should discuss standards with employees and undertake other education efforts on a regular basis.


Non-discrimination and Harassment

FIEL and its contracted facilities will not discriminate on the basis of race, age, colour, national origin, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, or social/ethnic origin. Hiring decisions will be based solely on ability.

All employees will be treated with dignity and respect. Employees can expect to work in an environment that is free of corporal punishment, physical, sexual, physiological, or verbal harassment or abuse. Monetary fines will not be used as a form of discipline.


Monitoring and Compliance

FIEL and its contracted facilities will maintain, on site, all documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with these standards and will respond promptly to reasonable inquiries or concerns about the compliance to these standards.

FIEL will undertake affirmative measures, such as announced and unannounced inspections and reviews of facilities, to monitor compliance with these standards. FIEL wishes to develop strong business relationships with all contractors and reserves the right to take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with these standards. Over and above our own efforts to make sure no child labour and sweatshop conditions exist in our factories, many large retailers and brand name companies that we produce product for, share our same concerns. We invite such customers to have their staff check our facilities before they start doing business with us however; we must insist such visits be scheduled to the satisfaction of both parties. The reason we must insist on this stipulation is due to productivity and confidentiality issues. 

There are various times of the year we require our production to run at maximum capacity, we cannot afford any disruption during such peak periods.

We have signed confidentiality agreement with various ‘brand’ customers. We are obliged to keep their new product offerings confidential until such time they are available in the North American / European markets.

We trust you understand such production and confidential issues. You can rest assured that our commitment to social compliance issues has been in place for many years and our facilities are periodically monitored by various organizations hired by our major brand customers.





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