Exhibit A: Sublimated Towel with the Same Number of Colors Applied,
Toronto Maple Leafs Blue and White as part of the Towel on the front and White at the Back


  • FIEL offers Sublimation at the best price in the Promotional Industry 
  • The sublimation process reflects that of your everyday CYMK digital printing except in sublimation we simply print your Art onto special paper and transfer it onto fabric / textile / product
  • Sublimation is becoming more popular due to the limitless Logo / Artwork display, design and color choice
  • The only set back of sublimation is that the textile will print only on a synthetic surface and it must be White
  • This also means that the reverse or back side of the textile will remain white as seen in Exhibit A
  • Here at FIEL, we offer a great selection of products with the option to Sublimate the back side
  • At Fiel we are also well equiped with our In house capabilities for low and high volumes




Exhibit B: Screen Printed Towel with 1 Colors of Ink Applied,
White Ink and Toronto Maple Leafs Blue Towel with Self Fabric Back


  • Screen Printing is no longer the most popular means of decorating (advertising) for Logo / Artwork Display in the Promotional Industry
  • Screen Printing used to be the most economical when purchasing in high volumes but it's design and color use is very limited
  • For every color, a screen is prepped commonly resulting in additional cost per color causing people to design within 1-4 colors to control cost 
  • Another issue lays with the thickness of ink applied (most commonly used ink applied is Plastisol) where the process blocks the texture of the fabric surface (or any substrate) and over time the ink will crack as seen in Exhibit B

Exhibit C: Sublimated Towel with Toronto Maple Leafs Design, more Colors and Design Effects on the Front and White Back

  • Exhibit C demonstrates the exact same design in sublimation but with additional background design and more colors that carry a gradient effect
  • You can have as many effects and colors to add interest for your end user to be more expressive in a singular process at no additional cost 
  • Sublimations' particular process offers more Logo / Artwork Display overall whether you are looking at a solid logo in one color, or all colors of the rainbow spectrum in one smooth finish with Detail and Clarity


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